A year without Luke Perry. The memory of friends

Un anno senza Luke Perry. Il ricordo degli amici

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A year after the disappearance of the actor Ian Ziering has published a beautiful vintage image, but he was not the only one to remember his friend. Jennie Garth, for example, is someone who believes in signs

The Oscars 2020 have forgotten Luke Perry, in the tribute in memoriam, but for fans and friends of all time the memory of the actor, who passed away March 4 2019 only 53 years, it has remained indelible, so much so that many have filled the social networks with messages and demonstrations of affection. Among the first, Ian Ziering, with him on the set of Beverly Hills 90210 , who published a photo that portrays them together very young, at the time of the show, when for everyone it was Steve and Dylan. “It's hard to believe a year has passed since Luke's loss.

Although time heals wounds, the pain of loss lasts forever. I miss you so much friend “.

In recent days other stars who have been close to Perry have also remembered him. Among others, Lili Reinhart, who worked with Perry on Riverdale. The actress on Twitter wrote that she dreamed it: “I hugged him so hard and cried on his shoulder, telling him how much we miss him. Looking back on it this morning, I think his spirit was haunting me in my sleep, to let me know that he is smiling brightly on the other side. ” Things that happen when you have been very close to someone.

Jennie Garth also had a similar perception. “I saw a phone number appear on mine and I thought it said LP, and it wasn't like that, it was JP, it was someone else, but for that second it was difficult,” the actress told Access Hollywood. An error seen as a sort of sign, as when, a few weeks after his friend's discovery, he had published the street sign of a street in Vancouver, McKay road, McKay as Dylan's surname in Beverly Hills. Coincidences, which immediately make memories.


Oscar 2020, the tribute «In Memoriam» forgets Luke Perry

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