Africa Day Live, Caterina Murino: «The strength of an extraordinary continent»

Africa Day Live, Caterina Murino: «La forza di un continente straordinario»

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A virtual stage between art, music and acting. From Fiorella Mannoia to Pif, the event - organized by Amref - streaming (from 18. 30) for the world day of Africa

A virtual stage for Africa, on which Fiorella Mannoia, Giobbe Covatta, Pif, Caterina Murino will climb , Saba Anglana, Salvatore Marino, Sonny Olumati, two authors from Lercio, Miriam Ayaba, Mama Marjas, Tommy Kuti, and Giovanni Soldini. The video contributions of Simone Cristicchi and Piotta are also expected. The occasion is World Africa Day - Monday 25 May - celebrated with a live event starting from 18. 30 on the Facebook and YouTube channels of Amref Health Africa Italia. Monologues, music, irony and much more dedicated to Africa.

Caterina Murino is testimonial of Amref , which since 1957 in Africa has been dealing with health and development since 2006. And today's one imagines it as a big party. «A way to enter that colorful world that is Africa », says the actress from the other side of the receiver,« And we want to do it in a positive key, putting strength and not critical issues at the center ». Over the years, you have visited Kenya several times, and then Ethiopia and Senegal. «There I learned the human strength that pushes you to continue living, despite the absence of plans. We live day by day “.

And in these months in which the Covid emergency - 19 has obscured everything else, the Amref obviously continued to operate on the African continent: “Amref has always focused on health and education, and the association's health structures have been fundamental in these months”, continues Murino, “Many people, despite the bad in our house, knowing my commitment they asked me as if it were the situation in Africa. We haven't forgotten about it. “

Today is an occasion to celebrate an important day in the history of the African continent. It was the 25 May of the 1963 when the leaders of 30 of the 32 independent states of the continent signed the statute in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, giving birth to the Organization of African Unity . There were and are many challenges to face. Challenges in the political, economic, social and protection of fundamental rights. Among these, the right of universal access to health, for which we fight every day, today even more because of the Covid pandemic 19.

Africa Day is a hymn to freedom , freedom which means the right to a future, to health, which in this period of health emergency takes on even more value.

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