Antonella Elia and Pietro Delle Piane: all about the couple (vip) of Temptation Island 2020

Antonella Elia e Pietro Delle Piane: tutto sulla coppia (vip) di Temptation Island 2020

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The couple, together for a little over a year, have already been protagonists of «Big Brother Vip 4». And after truth machines and theaters, the idyll has been restored (for now). Waiting for the first temptations …

First, the suspicion of a betrayal. Then, the reconciliation format TV lounge. Antonella Elia and Pietro Delle Piane , among the famous couples who have been asked to test their love on Temptation Island 2020, they showed themselves in the months of Big Brother Vip . Then, the conductor Alfonso Signorini has unmasked the actor, longing for a betrayal with Fiore Argento , sister of Asia and ex-girlfriend of Delle Piane. Then he called him to himself, trying to extort a confession of his infidelity from him.

Antonella Elia, who was a passive spectator of the media theater in the house, said she was destroyed by the (presumed) horns of her partner, and a confrontation followed her statements. The two, whose love would blossom a little over a year ago , clarified each their own position. And Delle Piane has professed her innocence so much that Barbara d 'Urso has called into question the evidence of the tests, the machine of truth.

The actor underwent the test during the Channel 5 show. And, although the result was not what was expected, he finally managed to get Antonella Elia's heart back. Thus, the couple is back together, but marital harmony must not have gone well with her. Within weeks of the defamatory episode, the two made their participation in Temptation Island Vip, embarking with this in that it seems an announced tragedy.

Antonella Elia, whom Pietro Delle Piane said he wanted to marry , he would have already asked for a comparison bonfire. To reveal it, breaking the temporary idyll that the couple had managed to recreate, was an internal source in Mediaset production. Which, for its part, has been careful not to confirm the gossip. At the next temptation.


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