Barbara D’Urso and the clash with Naike Rivelli, between “lawsuits” and an “alleged lover”

Barbara D’Urso e lo scontro con Naike Rivelli, tra «querele» e un «presunto amante»

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The presenter allegedly filed a libel suit against Ornella Muti's daughter. Which replies «I have only mentioned rumors, gossip cannot be allowed only in your living room. She is the queen of trash, I don't advertise with her “

Open clash between Barbara D'Urso and Naike Rivelli. Although the known conductor has not uttered word on the story, to tell everything - from his point of view - the daughter of Ornella Muti: «I received a letter from the Carabinieri, you filed a complaint against me : it seems that I have tried to exploit his name , defaming it. Actually I just mentioned some corridor voices “.

Naike explains that in the offending content he spoke of an “alleged lover of Barbara D'Urso “: “I did not say that it's true, I only reported an indiscretion. Maybe you are no longer free to express yourself , gossip is allowed only in his living room and not in his own home. Or does it have the straw tail ? “.

The attack on social media continues, with the involvement also by mother Ornella, who speaks directly to Barbara: «You say you are my friend and then make a criminal complaint against my daughter. I can't believe it », says the famous actress in a video in front of the barracks of the Carabinieri. “Children do not touch each other” . Then it is Naike who brings the mother into question: «I could use his name to get me advertising . “

«Of course I do not use the name of the queen of trash, which in its programs talks about the emotions of people before check the facts and then however it does not want to be pulled up . If she were a real journalist she would defend herself openly, not sending the complaints . My mother and I should be suing her for having regularly exploited our material in the his show, until I said enough “.

«In short, who makes it wait for you », Concludes Naike. “We also have legal who deal with the matter.” In short, the battle seems only at the beginning.


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