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Main event: Douglas Lima vs. Ben Saunders

Round 1: Saunders goes up stairs with head kick, blocks. Lima in the center, Lima misses with a head kick.  Saunders eats a right cross as he goes for a body kick. Saunders puts Lima against cage, Lima gets out fast. Saunders lands a kick tot he body. Lima lands a nice left as Saunders comes in. Lima lands a big right kick to body of Saunders. Saunders eats a big right. Saunders goes for the clinch, Lima shrugs him off. Lima goes tot he head with a kick, Saunders gets hit but hand in the way.

Round 2:Saunders takes a leg kick, Saunders misses with a front kick. Lima rocks Saunders, Lima lands a big shot to the body. Saunders gets caught again, goes down. Lima tries to finish. Lima is in Saunders’ guard. Lima moves to half guard. Saunders goes for a leg lock, Lima escapes. Saunders gets up, lands a leg kick. Lima lands a big head kick and Saunders goes out cold.

Official decision: Douglas Lima wins by KO (head kick) at 4:33 in round 2 over Ben Saunders


Co-main event: Vaughn Anderson vs. War Machine

Round 1: Anderson lands a side kick, War Machine lands an inside leg kick. War Machine gets a hold of Anderson, scores a takedown. War Machine is in half guard, looks for south control, can’t get it. War Machine looks to take the back as Anderson scrambles. War machine is back in half guard. War Machine moves to side control, goes to mount. Anderson turns and rolls, end sup on top, sweeping War Machine. The get to their feet. Anderson scores a takedown right away.War Machine gets up, Anderson goes for another takedown, War Machine end sup on top.

Round 2: Anderson takes a lead leg kick from War Machine. War Machine scores the takedown, War Machine lands some nice short ground and pound shots. War Machine gets the crucifix, lands some big shots on Anderson. War Machine takes the back of Anderson, has one hook in. War Machine goes for the rear-naked choke, Anderson tries to hold on, the fight is over, referee Herzog says Anderson is unconscious.

Official decision: War Machine wins by technical submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:01 in round 2 over Vaughn Anderson

Bout 9: Rick Hawn vs. Herman Terrado

Round 1: They move to the center, Terrado misses with a big right hand, Hawn gets Terrado against the cage. Hawn backs off, Hawn in the center of the cage,  Terrado on the outside. Terrado  lets his hands go, Hawn tries to slow down pace. Rerrado lands big shots, Hawn backs up. Hawn puts Terrado against the cage. Round one is Hawn clinching, not trying to throw leather with Terrado.

Round 2: Again, Hawn is the aggressor. Hawn is in the center, Terrado looking for the home run punch, not really landing. Hawn closes distance, puts Hawn against the cage. Terrado still looking for a finishing shot, not landing. Hawn landing the much quicker, crisper shots. Hawn continues to clinch and control Terrado, Terrado making no adjustments. Hawns scores a takedown and peppers Terrado with some punches.

Round 3: Hawn in the center, Hawn lands a jab to the body, Terrado misses with the looping counter right. Hawn continues to back Terrado up tot he fence. Hawn blocks a jab from Terrado, Hawn lands a nice right, followed by a  left. Hawn lands another good combination.  Hawn lands another kick tot he left leg of Terrado. Hawn blocks the body kick from Terrado. Terrado looks for a level change, possible takedown, Hawn quickly controls Terrado and gets him away. Terrado keeps missing,

Official decision: Rick Hawn wins by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) over Herman Terrado

Bout 8: Ron Keslar vs. Luis Melo

Round 1: Melo lands an inside leg kick, Keseler lands nicely, Melo goes down. Kesler on his feet, land shots down on Melo. Melo gets up. Melo is pinned up against the cage. Kesler lands some short knees to the thigh of Melo. Melo looks for some big shots on the feet, can’t land much. Melo lanss a spinning back kick. Kesler puts Melo against the cage. Melo turns and has Kesler against the cage.

Round 2: Kesler lands a big right hand, Melo goes down, lands against the mat. Kesler tries to get the finish, goes to the mat. Kesler takes Melo’s back, has both hooks in. Kesler trying to get a rear-naked choke, Melo is defending well. Melo keeps landing elbows tot he thighs of Kesler, not doign much damage. Kesler does not get the finish, but remains on the back of Melo.

Round 3: Melo switches stances, Kesler lands some strait shots, Melo goes for a guillotine choke. Kesler is trying to hold on, Kesler trying to survive, Melo squeezing very hard. Melo can;t finish, but pounds his right hand on Kesler. Melo looks for an arm-bar, Kesler gets out, takes the back of Melo. Kesler ends up remaining on the back, controlling most of the third round.

Official decision: Ron Kesler wins by split decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) over Luis Melo

Bout 7: Justin Baesman vs. Brent Weedman

Round 1: Weedman lands a nice outside leg kick, lands some nice shots, Weedman gets tangled up with Baesman. Weedman goes for an arm-bar, switches to inverted. Baesman gets up, Weedman gets a regular arm-bar, extends the arm. Baesman still trying to get out. Weedan goes belly down and gets the tap.

Official decision: Brent Weedman wins by submission (arm-bar) at 3:20 in round 1 over Justin Baesman


Bout 6: Brandon Bender vs. Travis Marx

Official decision: Travis Marx wins by &KO at 4:28 in round 2 over Brandon Bender

Bout 5: Larue Burley vs. Bubba Jenkins

Official decision: Larue Burley wins by TKO at 3:40 in round 3 over Bubba Jenkins, hands Jenkins his first defeat

Bout 4: Clifford Starks vs. Joe Yager

Official decision: Cliffors Starks wins by unanimous  decision () over Joe Yager

Bout 3: Liam McGeary vs. Beau Tribolet

Official decision: Liam McGeary wins by KO at 0:23 in round 1 over Beau Tribolet

Bout 2:  Dan Charles vs. Siala-Mou Siliga

Official decision: Siala-Mou Siliga wins by TKO at in round 3 over Dan Charles

Bout 1:  Johnny Buck vs. Adam McDonough

Official decision: Adam McDonough wins by TKO at 4:51 in round 1 over Johny Buck

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