Bonus, pos obligation and cash cap: what changes in July

Bonus, obbligo pos e tetto ai contanti: cosa cambia a luglio Bonus, obbligo pos e tetto ai contanti: cosa cambia a luglio

With the month of July many innovations and possible concessions come into force, which are not always easy for Italians to have

The 2020 has officially entered its second half. The first six months of the year, those of Covid - 19 and the lockdown, leave room, even if the emergency is certainly not over, at the time of recovery. For Italy this rebirth also passes through t before news concerning families and work . All departing from the first of July.


The holiday bonus up to 500 can be used starting from July with funds reaching 2 , 4 billion. Applies only to structures in Italy and is assigned via App looking at the Isee which must be up to 40 thousand euros.

The 80% of the bonus is paid by the structure , the rest becomes tax credit on the future tax return. The problem is that the adhesion to the voucher by the operators of the tourism sector is voluntary and not many seem inclined to accept it because it is necessary to anticipate to the customer figures that will return only with tax credit.


Switch from 80 to 100 euro the old Renzi bonus because the tax wedge cut becomes effective, the difference between how much the company pays and how much it reaches worker, on payroll. There is a bonus of 600 euros for the six months of the 2020 which become 1. 200 euro in 2021 for incomes up to 28 thousand euros. For those who have income from 26. 600 to 28 thousand euros arrive for the first time 100 euros in paycheck. For those with higher incomes there is an equivalent tax deduction equal to 480 euro which scales and reaches reset for incomes between 35 and 40 thousand euros.


The reduction of the ceiling for the use of cash from 3 to 2 thousand euros enters into force, which should become one thousand from January 2022. Up to 1. 999 euros it is possible to give money in cash to another person or to a company. Beyond this amount, a traceable payment is required: credit card or bank transfer. It also applies to donations and loans, even if made between family members. It does not apply to payments in installments and for deposits and withdrawals made to your bank account.


For merchants the tax credit of 30 is activated on bank charges applied on pos for electronic payments. Less cash also in professional studios: the costs incurred by professionals and businesses on transactions made with credit cards and traceable electronic payments turn into a tax bonus of 30% of the amount charged for bank charges. They will only have this bonus if they accept electronic payments.


Tax deductions up to 110%, divided into five years, for energy saving works or building consolidation. For condominiums there must be the replacement of the thermal power plant or the insulation of the building. The same for independent houses. Only if you make these interventions is there a bonus for others such as changing the fixtures. The relaunch decree which includes these rules must be converted into law by 18 July and there may be changes in particular on the second houses now cut off if they are single-family.


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