Cage Fury Fighting Championships 38 LIVE updates & Results at 6:00 p.m. ET


Main Event (155 lbs. title): Paul Felder vs. Craig Johnson (In Action)

Round 1: Felder lands an outside leg kick, int he center of the cage. Felder lands an inside leg kick. Felder throws a front kick, misses. Johnson looks for a takedown, Felder defends. Johnson shoots again, Felder lands a knee. Johnson puts Felder against the cage, Felder defends well, Johnson lifts, but can not get the takedown completed. Johnson still looking for takedown, Felder forces Johsnon off. Felder goes for a kick to the body, Johnson grabs the leg and gets the takedown. Felder quickly gets to his feet, throws a spinning back kick, blocked by Johnson. Felder sprawls and defends.

Round 2: Felder throws a right hand, misses with a leg kick. Felder throws a left hand, Johnson ducks under and scores the takedown. Felder works to his feet, Johnson stays glued to the left leg of Felder. Felder sprawls and gets to his feet. Felder lands a leg kick, Felder lands an inside leg kick. Felder lands a big knee, Johnson drops. Felder drops his body down on Johnson. Johnson gets up, bleeding badly from his nose. Feler lands a solid leg kick. Felder throws a spinning back kick and puts Johnson to sleep.

Official decision: Paul Felder wins by KO at 3:44 in round 2 over Craig Johnson to defend the CFFC lightweight strap


Co-main event (170 lbs. title): Jonovin Webb vs. Daniel Stittgen

Round 1: Stittgen is in the center, Stittgen lands an inside leg kick. Webb lands a kick to the outside. Webb lands an overhand right, Webbs cores a takedown. Stittgen works to get out, Webb takes the back of Stittgen, only has one hook in. Webb looks to get a  rear-naked choke, Stittgen defends. Webb  is working to stay glued to Stittgen. Stittgen works to get to his feet and he does. Webb chases Stittgen with strikes, scores a takedown. Webb moves into Stittgen’s half guard, Webb lands some ground and pound, mixing up punches and elbows. Webb takes the back of Stittgen, lands ore strikes. Stittgen is scrambling. Webb finishes the round in Stittgen’s guard.

Round 2: Webb misses the right cross, but scores a double leg takedown. Webb moves into full guard, Stittgen turn and Webb takes his back. Stittgen lookes to attack the leg of Webb, Webb escapes and is back on top of Stittgen. Webb is in Stittgen’s closed guard. Stittgen looks for an arm-bar, but Webb gets to his feet. Webb quickly scores another takedown. Webb moves to side mount. Webb lands a few  short elbows. Webb is on Stittgen’s back, Webb begins to land right punches. Webb takes the back again. Webb throws a flurry of punches on Stittgen. There is some shoving after the bell.

Round 3: Webb misses with an outside leg kick. Webb scores another takedown, moves into half guard. Webb looks to gain full mount, Stittgen block with his foot. Webb lands some right punches tot he body. Webb lands some short elbows on the head of Stittgen. Webb circles to the back of Stittgen. Stittgen goes for a heel hook and Webb escapes. Stittgen looks to get Webb down, Webb goes for a guillotine choke, cannot finish. Stittgen moving towards a heel hook, can’t get the foot, Webb lands more ground and pound. Webb unloads and the fight is stopped.

Official decision: Jonovin Webb wins by TKO (referee stoppage) at in round 3 over Daniel Stittgen to become the new CFFC welterweight champion.

Bout 10 (145 lbs. title): Levan Makashvili vs. Alexandre Bezerra

Round 1: Makashvili on the outside, Bezerra lands a leg kick. Makashvili misses with a  front kick. Bezerra throws a over hand right. Makashvilli throws a right and two lefts, but Bezerra backs off. Makashvili throws a kick and lands on Bezerra’s groin. The fight takes a pause and they go back to action. Bezerra lands an inside leg kick, followed by another. Makashvili lands a front kick. Makashvili mixes up his hands. Makashvili follows Bezerra, becoming more aggressive. Bezerra misses a left hand.

Round 2: Bezerra lands an outside leg kick, Makashvili puts Bezerra against the cage. Bezerra reverses the position. Nezerra lands another kick to the leg. Makashvili looks to grab the back of Bezerra, Bezerra rolls out and escapes. Bezerra takes another kick to the groin, Bezerra takes his tie and the fight resumes. Bezerra lands another leg kick. Bezerra has Makashvili on the outside, Bezerra drops for a takedown, Makashvili defends. Bezerra lands another leg kick. Makashvili lead leg shows signs of the damage Bezerra has been putting on him.

*Makashvili just walks back and forth and never goes to his corner between rounds.

Round 3: Makashvili misses the leg kick, Makashvili lands a solid one then two combination. Makashvili lands a kick to the body, Bezerra goes for a leg kick and misses. Makashvili comes out more aggressive. Bezerra lands another leg kick. Maashvili scores a takedown on Bezerra. Bezerra gets back to his feet quickly. Bezerra misses with a big right hand. Makashvili lands an inside leg kick of his own. Makashvili lands a jab and scores a takedown.

Round 4: Bezerra lands an outside leg kick, Makashvili lands an outside leg kick of his own. Makashvili on the outside, Bezerra lands another hard outside leg kick. Bezerra lands a kick to the body, Makashvili catches it and unloads a series of left right hands. Makashvilli lands a right hand. Makashvili lands a solid combination, landing a right and a leg kick. Bezerra has a small amount of blood under his nose. Bezerra lands a leg kick, Makashvili tries to get Bezerra to the mat. Makashvili lifts and scores a takedown,

Round 5: Bezerra goes for a takedown, Makashvili sprawls and looks too defend. Makashvili slips his arm under Bezerra’s neck, Bezerra continues to look for takedown, moves his head. Bezerra continues to work for the takedown, as Makashvili lands a knee, followed by another. the referee separates them. Mkashvili lands a right, followed by a left hook. Mkashvili lands a leg kick. Bezerra counters with a left hand and a leg kick. Bezerra continues to walk down Makashvili, Makashvili lands a kick. Bezerra circles,  Makashvili lands a kick,

Official decision: Alexandre Bezerra wins by majority decision (48-48, 48-47, 49-46) over Levan Makashvili to become new CFFC featherweight champion.


Bout 9 (185 lbs.): Tim Williams vs. Dervin Lopez

Round 1: They tap gloves, Williams misses with quick leg kick. Williams lands an inside leg kick, Lopez blocks a right leg head kick. Williams has Lopez staying on the outside. Williams throws a right kick to the body of Lopez. Lopez circles on the outside, Lopez lands a leg kick, Williams grabs the leg and scores the takedown. Lopez quickly works his way to his feet, Lopez continues to circle. Williams throws a high kick and loses his footing. Williams gets up, appears to have a some blood under his nose. Williams lands a right cross, backs Lopez to the cage. Williams is on the inside, setting the pace in round 1. Lopez continues to move, on the outside. Williams stalks Lopez, lands a jab. Lopez lands a counter right hand.

Round 2: Lopez again is on the outside as Williams comes out and takes the center of the cage. Williams lands a left, followed by a right and Lopez runs backwards, Williams shoots for a takedown and gets it. Williams takes the back of Lopez and goes for a rear-naked choke, Lopez taps.

Official decision: Tim Williams wins by submission (rear-naked choke)  at 1:16 in round 2 over Dervin Lopez

Bout 8 (155 lbs. ): Mike Medrano vs. Jordan Stiner

Round 1: Medrano throws some short punches, does not really land. Stiner misses with a kick. Medrano misses with a leg kick. Medrano lands an inside leg kick, forces Stiner to circle. Medrano more aggressive early. Stiner lands a leg kick. Stiner throws a head kick, loses his balance, but gets quickly back to his feet. Medrano takes the leg of Stiner and puts him to the mat. Medrano goes for a guillotine choke, Stiner slips out and sweeps Medrano. Sitner gets to his feet quickly and they stand. Stiner clips Medrano with a right hand and Merano goes down, fight is over.

Official decision: Jordan Stiner wins by KO at 3:55 in round 1 over Mike Medrano

Bout 7 (HWT): Lewis Rumsey vs. Joe Stripling (In Action)

Round 1: Rumsey throws some big shots early. Stripling lands a leg kick, Rumsey lands a kick tot he thigh of Stripling. Stripling throws a spinning back kick and Rumsey comes back with a spinning back fist. Stripling is on the inside as Rumsey circles on the outside. Rumsey takes a shot to the groin and the fight takes a break. They continue, Rumsey lands an outside leg kick. Stripling takes the center again, comes forward and pushes Rumsey against the cage. Rumesy gets loose lands a short right hook. Rumsey throws a head kick, followed by a looping right hand. Stripling gabs a hold of Rumsey and pressures him against the cage. Rusey scores a takedown and lands in Stripling’s half guard. Rumsey goes for a guillotine choke, Stripling slips his head out. Stripling lands some elbows from the bottom position. Stripling tries to get up, but Rumsey forces him back to the mat

Round 2: Stripling blocks a head kick, Stripling lands a right to the body, followed by a leg kick. Stripling pins Rumsey against the cage, lands a knee tot he thigh of Rumsey. Rumsey gets Stripling to the mat , moves into full guard. Rumsey lands a hammer fists, followed by short strikes. Stripling works to his feet, Rumsey is glued to his back. Rumsey brings Stripling down, Stripling continues to work to his feet. Stripling gets up, Rumsey works for another takedown. Stripling gets room, moves forward. Stripling looking for the takedown but does not get it before the bell.

Round 3: Stripling takes the center, Stripling lands some heavy punches. Both men trade some crisp shots. Stripling works the left jab, Rumsey drops for takedown, Stripling defends and pushes Rumsey against the cage, lands a right hook as Rumsey breaks away. Stripling lands more heavy punches. Rumsey misses with an overhand left. Stripling lands some body punches, Rumsey throws a spinning back fist. Stripling smiles, Rumsey lands a left hand. Rumsey puts Stripling against the cage, Stripling reverse the position. Both men break away, land jabs. Rumsey remains on the outside. Rumsey lands a left hook, Stipling throws a head kick, both men trade an the fight comes to a close.

Official decision: Lewis Rumsey wins by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) over Joe Stripling

Bout 6 (185 lbs.):  Darren Costa vs. Michael Wilcox

Round 1: Wilcox scores an early takedown on Costa. Wilcox sits int he guard of Costa. Wilcox lands some short ground and pound strikes as Costa works to his feet. Wilcox sinks in a guillotine choke and puts Costa to sleep. Costa suffers spasms after being submitted.

Official decision: Michael Wilcox wins by submission (guillotine) at 1:45 in round 1 over Darren Costa


Bout 5 (170 lbs.): Allen Otto vs. Ryan Patrovich

Official decision: Ryan Patrovich wins by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) over Allen Otto

Bout 4 (145 lbs.): Ashure Elbanna vs. Jerome Isip

Official decision: Ashure Elbanna wins by submission (guillotine choke) at 4:23 in round 2 over Jerome Isip

Bout 3 (162.5 lbs.): Paul Almquist vs. Sean Brady

Official decision: Sean Brady wins by TKO at 0:33 in round 1 over Paul Almquist

Bout 2 (160 lbs.): Alfred Alo vs. Stephen Regman

Official decision: Stephen Regman wins by TKO (Doctor Stoppage) at 5:00 in round 1 over Alfred Alo

Bout 1 (170 lbs.): Christian Leonard vs. Micah Terril

Official decision: Micah Terril wins by KO at 1:31 in round 1 over Christian Leonard

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