Coronavirus: reopening on May 4 (perhaps). But who first?

Coronavirus: riapertura il 4 maggio (forse). Ma chi per prima?

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The possible opening date is Monday 4th May. It is the day when the grip should be eased for most citizens

Three more weeks of blockade. It is the calendar that imposes them. Festive weekends of 25 April and May 1st after Easter and Easter Monday are to be avoided. There is no risk of people leaving the house en masse by nullifying the positive effects of the isolation of the past month. “The R0 index has fallen below the threshold of 1, but it is not yet stable and can go up again” say the experts and you cannot go from total closure to free everyone.

These are the reasons behind the new Prime Minister's decree which will extend from 14 April to May 3 closes of productive activities and still imposes on Italians not to leave the house except for reasons of proven necessity.


However, there are those who can open next Tuesday: bookstores and stationery stores , as a symbol of cultural revival and for children, and not only them. Companies that manufacture agricultural machinery, those that dry or work wood and forestry companies can raise the gate. Among the hypotheses there is also the possibility of opening for baby clothing stores.


It is also based on a study by Inail on the danger of contagion in the various tasks that creates a ranking that then becomes a list for the opening order. Activities related to agriculture , already partially open, are considered low risk. The same applies to accounting and legal activities. Real estate and electronics in the home.

A medium risk , even with appropriate devices of protection, are the majority of factories from those of the mechanics, to the textile and chemical sector. Same goes for public offices, especially if part of the staff is in smart working. The shops are also in this area, probably with quota entrances.

The high risk is that of public places such as bars and restaurants , which were also the first to close. It also applies to medical practices such as those of dentists and for hairdressers and beauty centers where there is extreme proximity to customers and patients. The same can be said for gyms and discos. Due to the high number of people in the same place, schools of all levels are obviously at risk, starting from kindergartens to university.


The possible opening date is Monday 4th May . It is the day when the tightening should be loosened for most citizens, but only close to the date will indications be given on the exit possibilities and on the safety devices that could be used to go to public places. It is almost certain that the elderly and those most at risk will have to stay at home longer. For companies, sanitization and spacing procedures will be necessary, as well as the need to use masks and gloves.

To establish the calendar of openings, with the indications of the technical committees , is a comparison between the Prime Minister's representatives of the majority parties, the social partners, the unions, Confindustria, the Regions and the Municipalities. Among the hypotheses there is also that of openings staggered according to the local epidemiological curves.


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