Joe Palooka Review

by Connor ~ January 14th, 2012
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I never thought the sport of MMA and comic books would ever
mix together. Joe Antonacci has proven me wrong. Not only has he fused these
two things together, but he has created a story that keeps you interested and
begging for more. Antonacci has created a comic book called “Joe Palooka”. It
is a story about a MMA fighter named Nick Davis. Davis is on his way to
stardom, when suddenly he is at the wrong place and the wrong time. Davis gets
caught up in a mess, and you read about his journey through it. Only reading
two of the books, I personally want more of “Joe Palooka. The Comic has a great
story line and it is just all around interesting.  Put those two things together and add MMA and
you have a great comic book. Joe Antonacci has really created something special
here, and people need to hear about it. So spread the word and start reading “Joe

Personal Review:

Issue #1

“Joe Palooka” issues one and two were a complete success.
Issue one had a great beginning, as the reader you are thrown right into the
cage and getting your first look at Nick Davis. I enjoyed how you learned about
his relationships with his girlfriend Nina and his sister Gwen. I also like how
you watch Nick run away and go to different locations throughout the story. I
was immediately intrigued by the story and was very interested in what was
going to happen to Nick next.

Issue #2

Issue two starts right where we left off. Nick is trying to
keep a low profile. His MMA skills seem to drag him into a fight where he is no
longer under the radar. This issue also shows Nina and how much she misses her
boyfriend. I learned more about the police officers and how they are perusing
Nick. The first Issue had me interested, but the second issue has me sucked
into it. In this issue there was a lot of MMA action. As a fight fan, I really
enjoyed this issue and can’t wait to read # 3.

Review written by Connor Northrup

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  2. Etrigan says:

    Nice review. MMA comics are certainly emerging as a new genre. Another one which is excellent is Blackfly ( It goes further, often mixing a supernatural element in with the MMA. It is featured regularly in the Fanpost section of Would be nice if you could write a review of it as well.

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