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Written by David Comer

Well it is a little late tonight but here is the recap of UFC’s annual Super Bowl weekend show. Thank you goes out to the guys here at NJ MMA News for giving me the opportunity on this one even though we had to fit it into a tight schedule and a tape delay to make it work. That was headlined by a featherweight championship match between Frankie Edgar and Champ Jose Aldo. This is Edgar’s 7th title fight in a row. He won the first two against Bj Penn, fought to a draw with Gray Maynard, beat Maynard, and then lost the last two fights to current Lightweight champ Benson Henderson. Aldo is on a tear and 21-1 in his pro career and hasn’t lost since 2005. That’s a 14 fight win streak for the champ. In the co-main event former Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans takes on Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and also in a featured bout two former Strikeforce heavyweights take the cage as former champ Alistair Overeem meets Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva.


In the UFC on Facebook prelim:


Bantamweights (135lbs)


Edwin “El Feroz” Figueroa vs Francisco “Cisco” Rivera




Bantamweights (135lbs)


Chico “The King” Camus vs Dustin “The Diamond” Kimura


Camus lands the straight right early that sends Kimura flailing into the cage. Kimura comes back lands his own right and Camus gets the take down and is full guard of Kimura. Kimura gets the leg up over the shoulder of Camus quickly but Camus is aware of what is going on and twice is able to pop out of danger. Kimura goes for an omoplata and Camus ends up on the bottom as he escapes. Kimura takes his back briefly and Camus rolls back into the guard of Kimura. Great ground skills being shown here by these two. Very technical showing from these two in the first round. Constant submission attempts and working to better their positions. Camus has the edge in the first two minutes of the second with some good leg kicks and avoiding being hit by Kimura. Kimura lands a right and Camus ties him up trying to get the fight to the mat. Camus lands some nice knees from the clinch against the cage. Once they separate Camus immediately gets the low single and is in the guard now. Camus  is fighting off arm bars and triangles now very quickly. Kimura locks in the arm in triangle but Camus is able to stay with it for the last 10 seconds to take the fight into the last round. Camus gets the low single but Kimura ends up with the mount and Camus gives up his back and Kimura locks in the rear naked choke to end the fight.


Winner by Submission at  1:50 of round 3 Dustin “The Diamond” Kimura




UFC on FX prelims:


Lightweights (155lbs)


Yves Edwards vs Isaac Valle- Flagg


In the first round Valle-Flagg came out the aggressor and he kept that up most of the fight. He was getting the edge in striking and the first and working for take downs. Valle-Flagg did a good job of mixing up his strikes and shots. In the second round though it was all Edwards as he got control on the ground and delivered some nice strikes on the feet. Edwards had his back for a chunk of the second but was unable to secure the rear naked choke. The third round was back to Valle-Flagg as he came out and pressured Edwards from the go. Valle-Flagg landed some nice elbows from in close and controlled how the fight’s last round went.


Winner by Split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) Isaac Valle-Flagg


Lightweights (155lbs)


Jacob “Christmas” Volkmann vs Bobby “King” Green


Volkmann gets the take down a minute into the first and briefly gets the back of Green. Green is able to work Volkmann into half-guard and deliver some short lefts to the head and body before he stands up and stacks Green to drop down some punches against the cage. Green explodes and presses Volkmann away and as he tries to get up Volkmann dives back on him and takes Green’s back. Volkmann locks in the body triangle and works hard for the rear naked choke but is not able get it but is able to land some punches in the final minute. Green comes out to start the second with bloody nose. Volkmann gets the take down but Green is able to reverse it and get top position and delivers and bunch of nasty elbows from the top from the guard then half-guard. My least favorite referee in the whole sport Kim Winslow decides to stand them up with two minutes left in the second round while Green is delivering damage from the top. Winslow screws up another fight. The crowd is irate. Green landed 35 strikes their from the top they say. Volkmann is swelling up around the right eye.  Volkmann shoots for a take down and is able to get the take down after he drags Green down from behind. Volkmann locks in the body triangle but once again is unable to get the rear naked choke. In the final round Volkmann pulls guard and Green is able to do a little damage  but Volkmann tries to get the reverse and Green stands up and wants Volkmann on his feet. Volkamnn is able to get the fight back to the ground two more times and both times Green ends up in the dominant position. The last time Green ends up in the full mount and pounds away on a tired Volkmann. Green locks in the rear naked choke as Volkmann gives up his back; Volkmann taps and Green has his first victory in the octagon.


Winner by Submission at 4:25 of round 3 Bobby “King” Green


Welterweights (170lbs)


Tyron ”The Choosen One” Woodley vs Jay “Thoroughbred” Hieron


Woodley blitzes Hieron with a fake left superman and lands the looping right less than 30 seconds into the fight to drop Hieron. Woddley pounces and rains down punches till Herb Dean can get there to stop the fight.


Winner by KO at 36 secs of round 1 Tyron Woodley


Lightweights (155lbs)


Gleison Tibau vs Evan Dunham


These two want to stand and bang the first minute and half these two trade big shots to the chin. Tibau decides its time to take the fight to the ground and powers through for the double. As Dunham gets up Tibau locks in the front choke and Dunham gets to his feet. Tibau pulls guard with the standing front choke but Dunham keeps his hand in the way to keep from getting submitted and gets back to his feet. They take turns alternating big shots and missing big shots. Tibau is looking a bit tired here with a minute left in the first. They spend the last minute jockeying for position from the clinch and alternating knees to the body. Dunham has the crisper strikes while Tibau is winging the punches. I am not sure I have seen Tibau throw a jab yet. Dunham is landing down the middle and Tibau lands the left hook as I say that. Dunham now goes for a take down but Tibau is right back up and Dunham stays glued to him kneeing away against the cage. Dunham is doing a great job as they are striking back in the center of the cage making sure that when he strikes his head is not left out there for Tibau to counter and nail. Dunham starts the third with a nice jab down the center. Tibau briefly gets the take down but has to pull his head out of danger as Dunham latches on as they go down. Now Tibau grabs the neck of Dunham as they get up and tries to pull guard with it but Dunham is quickly back up. Dunham lands another jab and Tibau drops to a knee and pops back up to his feet. Tibau’s right eye looks to be swelling pretty good and possibly cut under it. Tibau looks exhausted but tries another take down and Dunham defends again. Dunham with a jumping knee followed by a series on jabs that are landing over and over as Tibau is throwing the big hay makers that are finding no one home. Dunham lands a pair of knees in the last 10 seconds to put a stamp on this fight.


Winner by Split Decision ( 29-28, 28-29, 29-28) Evan Dunham




UFC 156 Main card:


Flyweights (125lbs)


Joseph Benavidez vs Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall


Both men utilize the kicks early. Benavidez catches McCall twice in the first two minutes with shots to the cup. Benavidez is landing the hooks when they get in close and has rocked McCall twice now. Benavidez with a third cup shot and McCall once again fights through it.  Elbow now from McCall as Benavidez than lands the counter. McCall with a left hook that cuts open Benavidez some where in the hair. The cut Rogan says came from an incidental head butt but in the replay it doesn’t look like the heads connect. McCall’s right lead leg is starting to show signs of the damages Benavidez is doing with that leg kick. Benavidez with a good jab as McCall comes forward and Benavidez circles out of the way after landing. The movement from these flyweights is just amazing. Benavidez lands the counter left that grazes McCall as he tries to circle away. Benavidez ducks under a punch and McCall takes his back. Hammer fist from McCall now McCall has the mount. Benavidez turns back over and McCall drops the hammer fist till Benavidez gets back to his feet and eats some knees and the round ends with them tied up on the cage. McCall trying to pump up the crowd as they come out for round three. Benavidez gets McCall back up to the cage and lands some big punches that has McCall showing a big grin. They kick each other at the same time and McCall hits the mat. They are back up and Benavidez lands as they exit.  Benavidez is getting the edge in striking here in the last round and McCall gets the take down but only momentarily. Benavidez with a nice left and McCall goes to the body. Close fight but I give it to Benavidez 2-1 which is hard because McCall is one of my favorites but the one take down for McCall wasn’t enough to edge the striking of Benavidez in the final round.


Winner by Unanimous Decision (29-28×3) Joseph Benavidez


Welterweights (170lbs)


Jon Fitch vs Demian Maia


Winslow is back in the cage and I immediately cringe. Maia comes out and goes for a take down. Maia gets him down and gets the back of Fitch. Maia has the body triangle but Fitch stands up and Maia hangs on with his legs. Maia is pounding away from the back and is trying to work that arm under the chin. Fitch keeping the chin tucked for now. Maia falls of his back but gets the trip once his feet hit the mat and Fitch climbs back up to a standing position and Maia drags him back down and is kneeing away at the body of Fitch. Maia has the body triangle again and Fitch is now on one knee.  Maia landing the left hand to the body over and over and Maia has spent the whole round wrapped around Fitch’s back. Fitch’s striking is looking good for the first 50 seconds then Maia gets the take down. Fitch explodes and uses his legs to push Maia away and he is back up. Maia ties him back up on the cage and drags Maia back to the mat and has the back of Fitch as he sits against the cage. Maia gets the neck crank but Fitch is able to fight it off. Maia has the body triangle and is punching away. Maia spends another 4 minutes on Fitch’s back clearly two rounds for Maia. Fitch’s corner is telling him he has to knock him out. Round 3 Maia ducks under the kick of Fitch and latches right back on the back of Fitch. Maia now has him against the cage working for another take down. Maia spreads the legs of Fitch and Fitch is back to the mat with Maia on his back and the crowd is booing. Fitch gets back to his feet with 3 minutes left in the fight and Maia goes for another take down. Fitch goes for a guillotine and Maia is now on his back. Fitch with a big elbow and Maia is back to his feet. Fitch gets free with 90 seconds left and Maia gets another take down and now has the back again of Fitch and Maia will ride out the last minute with the body triangle and Maia switches to the full mount right before the horn.


Winner by Unanimous decision (30-27×3) Demian Maia




Alistair “The Reem” Overeem vs Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva


Overeem is coming in usually landing a single shot clinching against the cage and Overeem punches the body with some big knees to the body. Overeem is getting the better of the striking and looks like he has no worries about the striking of Bigfoot as his fist are down and he is just slipping his head out of the way of Bigfoots punches. Overeem nails him with a single shot and then puts Silva against the cage a knees away and the cycle repeated over and over in round 1.  In round two Overeem lands a right after eating a leg kick then gets the take down  and is in side control. Silva with  nice elbows from the bottom and Overeem resets and is now in the full guard of Bigfoot. Overeem alternates between hammer fist to the head and the short elbows to the body that are making a LOUD thud when they connect. Overeem pounds away a little more now moves to half guard briefly. Dean stands them up with under thirty seconds left in the round. Bigfoot lands a big knee and as he tries for the clinch to do it again Overeem shove him off and backwards into the cage from over half way across the cage. Bigfoot connects in the third and is teeing off on. Overeem is hurt and hurt bad. Silva is swarming. Silva with a head kick. Overeem is backing up but not protecting himself. Silva lands two narly right straights then two right uppercuts clean. Right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left,  from Silva. That last left landed as Overeems legs finally give out and he is going down. Dean is already pulling Silva away.  Silva is coming back at Overeem who is out on the mat. Dean is trying to pull him away and Silva is yelling at Overeem with his fingers locked in the cage to keep Dean from dragging him away. Wife and I watched it over and over and we counted 16 clean shots in a row landing for Bigfoot. WOW. What a finish after Overeem dominated him the first two rounds. As Rogan said Overeems lack of respect for Silva’s hands cost him dearly and ended a 12 fight win streak. Silva pounded away on Fedor and now Overeem has felt it too. Silva tells Rogan afterwards that he told Overeem at the press conference before hand that he was going to make him respect him.


Winner by TKO at :25 seconds of round 3 Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva


Light Heavyweights(205lbs)


“Suga” Rashad Evans vs Antonio Rogeira Nogueira


Lots of feeling out in the first round Evans has landed a couple kicks but nothing that locks to have fazed Nogueira in any way. Nogueira is starting to look for the straights and jabs down the middle. Rashad with a could right hook that stuns Nogueira briefly as he comes in. Rashad gets the take down with 45 seconds left in the first and is only able to land a couple quick punches before Nogueira is back to his feet. Close round that it looks like Evans edged Nogueira on. In the second round Evans looking to set things up off that inside leg kick and Nogueira really wanting to connect that jab to get going. Evans is quick but Nogueira is now right jab right jab and left connecting behind it. Nogueira defends against a take down and now left from Nogueira again. Evans has a take down stuffed and Nogueira lands a left and right as they stand back up straight. Another close round that could either way I personally see Lil Nog getting the edge in that one. Third round and Nogueira is getting the better of the striking until he gets a poked in the eye and we have to take a break while the doctor checks out the eye with 2 minutes gone in the final round. Nogueira finds a home down the middle again with that straight left and Nogueira defends another take down. Rogan is just peturbed with the unorthodox look of Lil Nogs kicks and Evans fails on another take down. Rashad lands his best right of the fight with under 10 left they tie up and trade knees in the clinch till the horn. Lil Nog edged Evans in a close fight with few highlights.


Winner by Unanimous Decision (29-28×3) Antonio Rogerio Nogueira




Featherweight (145lbs) Championship 5 rounds


Jose “Junior” Aldo vs Frankie “The Answer” Edgar


Aldo is looking noticeably bigger than Edgar here.  Aldo striking is looking crisp even with Edgar and all his movement Aldo is connecting right down the middle with jabs and the straight right. Aldo is smiling have way through the first and just looking like Edgar has nothing for him. Even back pedaling with Edgar giving chase Aldo is peppering him. Aldo with a left and right while going back wards and now Aldo connects with one of those NASTY leg kicks to the outside of the lead leg of Edgar. Clearly first round belonged to the champ. Aldo’s striking is amazing and he is certainly looking faster than Edgar so far tonight. Aldo is getting that jab in over and over. Edgar unable to get the take down in his first attempt. Edgar with a nice leg kicks but eats a right trying to do so. Edgar with another unsuccessful take down attempt. Aldo with another outside leg kick and Edgar’s leg almost gives out. Okay this time when Aldo kicks him there his butt hits the mat. Edgar is quickly back up and when he charges in eats a jumping knee. Aldo gets briefly taken down with a double but Aldo uses those powerful legs to push off and get back to his feet before Edgar can think about hitting him. Edgar looks to have a small cut under his left eye. Aldo goes for another kick and Edgar briefly gets a take down but Aldo has a spring in him that bounces him right back to his feet each time they hit the mat. Edgar even with his movement eats a thudding front kick from Aldo that busts the nose of Edgar but he stays up and in the fight. Edgar with a nice body kick right under the arm pit but Aldo is unfazed. Edgar now with a leg kick of his own and now another. Edgar catches the big knee from Aldo right before it connects. Edgar with a nice punch. Edgar goes for a take down again and Aldo flicks him off of him. Edgar looks like he may have taken the third round but that was close either way. we are entering the championship rounds now. Aldo’s coach says they are up 3 rounds and to spend the final 30 seconds of the round kicking the leg of Edgar.


Edgar with another nice leg kick to the outside then inside and Edgar eats a spinning back kick to the body. Edgar catches the next kick and Aldo peppers his face with a couple more shots. Edgar can’t get another take down he has gotten 1 of 7 so far. Aldo is getting the edge in striking but not by much Edgar shoots for a take down and picks up Aldo and slams him to the ground but Aldo is back to his feet. That left eye of Edgar is nearly swollen shut. Tough round to score could easily go either way. Aldo’s coaches are saying that they are up 4-0. I am not sure I agree with that I see it much closer. Edgar is the first fighter to take down Aldo twice in the same fight.  Aldo with a knee. Aldo is starting to get hit more but Aldo is countering and making sure Edgar is taking something for his troubles. Edgar with a knee to the chin but Aldo still coming. Edgar gets off another leg kick and Aldo makes him pay with a quick combo. Edgar is winning this 5th round but I think it is a little too late. Aldo connects with a superman punch that lands clean as he propels himself off the cage right before the end of the fight. Both men’s corner men have them on their shoulders carrying them around the ring while we wait for the decision.


Winner by Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47 ) and still the Featherweight Champion Jose “Junior” Aldo


Crowd is booing but I don’t see why.




Each winner takes home an extra $50k tonight.


Fight of the Night: Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar


Submission of the Night: Bobby “King” Green


Knockout of the Night: Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva


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