Q & A with XCC 25’s Dimitre Ivy

Dimitre Ivy. (From Dimitre Ivy’s Facebook page.)

Dimitre Ivy (6-2) will fight former Bellator featherweight Alexandre Bezerra in the Xtreme Caged Combat 25 headliner at Bucksmont Indoor Sports Center in Hatfield, Pennsylvania Aug. 12. NJ MMA News asked Ivy questions about himself and his upcoming fight.
Q: Bezerra is a veteran of the sport, how do you approach this fight?
Ivy: I know he is a vet of the sport. He has been fighting a long time and been on bigger shows, but I am aware of that. I am approaching this fight with that in mind.
Q: Where do you have an advantage against him?
Ivy:  I really don’t sit there and watch his fights and guess what I will be good at in the fight. When the fight starts, that’s when I will know where I will be good at.

Q: A win over an opponent of this caliber, what could this do for your career?
Ivy:  A win over Bezerra will hopefully shoot my career up.
Q: Riding a four-fight win streak, do you think you are on any major promotions’ radars?
Ivy: I don’t know if I am on any major promotions’ radars, but after this fight and a win over Bezerra, I hope I will be. 
Q: What is your favorite part of fighting?
Ivy: My favorite part of fighting is the mental focus you have to have for everything from dieting to training to recovery and learning in training with my teammates and instructor Jamie Miller.Q: How did you first start MMA?
Ivy: I first started by going into a store to buy a Muay Thai shirt and the gentleman had asked me if I was looking for a gym. I said ‘yea.’ then he pointed me to my instructor, Jamie Miller. The rest is history and I’ve been under him for nine years.

Q: What is something people don’t know about you?
Ivy: People should know I am a friendly guy and I put on a hell of a show when I fight.

Q: Favorite meal to eat after a fight?
Ivy: After the fight my favorite meal is here in Texas at Whataburger. I like to get the chicken strip sandwich.
Q: All the way from Texas, why fight for XCC? 
Ivy: XCC is a good promotion and a handful of big names came out the promotion. It’s exciting to fight for them.
Q: Anything else?
Ivy: I just want to thank the promotion for having me as the main event. It is an honor fighting Bezerra. I want to thank all of my fans, family and teammates for always supporting me and my wife Abigail Messick for always being there for me.