George Sullivan Earns Decision at TUF 21 Finale

George Sullivan

George Sullivan

After a slow start for George “The Silencer” Sullivan at The Ultimate Fighter 21 Finale, the Brick, New Jersey native defeated Dom Waters via unanimous decision.

Sullivan returned to the octagon after suffering his first UFC lost in April.

Waters used his reach advantage in the opening minutes, forcing Sullivan to back up. After throwing leg kicks in the beginning of the round, Sullivan relied on his hands for the remainder of the round.

Sullivan landed few hands as he continued to drop his head while throwing strikes. As Sullivan looked down at the mat, Waters had an opportunity to counter.

Waters took Sullivan to the canvas with a takedown, but Sullivan did not stay down long. As Waters began to tire, Sullivan returned the favor by scoring a takedown of his own.

After landing a few elbows, blood began to trickle down the face of Waters. As the round concluded, Sullivan ran to his corner as Waters stumbled, looking for where his corner was located.

Like the first round, Waters took Sullivan to the mat quickly, but Sullivan managed to escape and clinch. Sullivan forced the fight to the mat and put pressure on Waters.

Sullivan worked for a key lock, continuing to attack the arm as Waters struggled to escape from bottom.

In the third and final round, Sullivan pushed Waters against the fence, but Sullivan turned into Water, giving up his back. Waters went for the rear-naked choke, bringing the fight to the canvas.

Waters was relentless with his effort, but Sullivan eventually had space to spin and take the top position. Sullivan finished the round with short strikes to Water’s stomach.

Sullivan earned a unanimous decision (29-27, 30-25,29-28).

Although Sullivan took control most of the fight, he did not execute a ton of damage on Waters. Not Sullivan’s most impressive win, but a must win indeed.

This fight can set Sullivan up for a higher level opponent the next time he steps inside the octagon.