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Jon Jones makes his way towards the cage, before he hugs his coaches he hugs his mother, his father, and his girlfriend. At that moment I think about how humble this man is. I then thought about his dominance he has shown us inside the Octagon. Some say a Legend when he has only had the title for two fights. Jones crawls into the cage and makes and begins to jog and warm up. The Fight begins, and Jones crawls into the cage. As the fight goes on he is greeted by something he did not expect. Lyoto Machida was holding his own. Lyoto landed a big right hand that surprised Jones. Between round one and two, you could see a very worried Jon Jones. A side of Jon Jones we have not seen thus far. The second round cam and Jon Jones began to come alive. He hit the peak of the fight as he rocked Machida and attacked. He slipped in a standing guillotine that eventually put Lyoto to sleep.

Jon Jones defends his title for a second time. I still believe Rashad Evans has a chance is one of the few guys that has what it takes to beat Jones. Before I get carried away, we still have to see Rashad fight Phil Davis. Jones might have had a scare tonight, but only good things will come from it. We learn from our mistakes. Jon Jones may come back stronger than we have ever seen, and maybe one of the most dominant men on the planet. That is all in the future, for now he is still the champ and must wait for his next opponent.

By: Connor Northrup

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