Baby George's godmother and the (loud) gifts that Lady Diana would have liked

La madrina di baby George e i regali (rumorosi) che sarebbero piaciuti a Lady Diana

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“Exuberant, cheeky and fantastic”, so Julia Samuel, godmother of the prince, describes little Cambridge, who always receives very noisy gifts for his birthday that drive William mad. «They are things that make me laugh, and that make George laugh»

We don't know what he will receive as a gift for his seven years, which he will accomplish next 23 July, but of course, George of Cambridge will find himself discarding something very loud. Word of the psychotherapist and writer Julia Samuel, one of the baptism godmothers of the prince, as well as great friend of the princess Diana. Appeared in the podcast How to Fail by Elizabeth Day to talk about her failures (the focus of the podcast) Julia joined long dwell on the relationship with the firstborn of Kate and William of England.

«Every year, for his birthday, I give him particularly noisy and difficult to assemble toys, it is a tribute to my friend Diana “. The reason is simple. Diana did the same with Julia's son, of whom she was godmother, and today she also remembers her so, following the example of her friend.

The choice would not be particularly welcome to William, forced to follow his son in all phases of construction. The most beautiful part, without a doubt, when «all the parts are assembled and make tremendous noises, flashing lights and everything else. All this makes me laugh and makes George laugh. ' During the podcast, Samuel also revealed something more about the character of the child, who, if in public he always appears sulky and a little hesitant, in private is a real hurricane. «It is fantastic, exuberant and cheeky, Diana would have loved it so much. All of this is excruciating for all of them. “

William is following the mother's example in the education of children, but in 2017 confessed that according to him the princess would have been “a nightmare grandmother” . The phrase in the course of the documentary Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy . “Probably it would be time for a bath, putting on a wonderful scene with bubbles everywhere and pouring water practically everywhere. And then she would go away leaving everything like that, “said the heir to the throne, letting imagine a hilarious moment.

You are always in everyone's thoughts, even Julia's: “Being open, honest and vulnerable, she changed the world, and certainly changed the United Kingdom. It had an absolutely lasting effect on us. ” Certainly he had it on his children, who have always made choices even thinking about the mother, like that of Cambridge to educate children in a “normal” way. Between noisy games, no official commitment and a lot of life in the open air or formula is definitely a winner.


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