Bellator 106 LIVE updates & results

Bout 1: Darren Smith vs. Josh Smith

Official decision: Darren Smith wins by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) over Josh Smith

Bout 2: Joe Camacho vs. Cleber Luciano

Official decision: Cleber Luciano wins by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) over Joe Camacho

Bout 3: Mike Guymon vs. Aaron Miller

Official decision: Mike Guymon wins by submission ( triangle choke) at 4:20 in round 2 over Aaron Miller

Bout 4: Brandon Halsey vs. Hector Ramirez

Official decision: Brandon Halsey wins by TKO at 0:52 in round 1 over Hector Ramirez

Bout 5: Alejandro Garcia vs. Cristiano Souza

Official decision: Critiano Souza wins by submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:06 in round 3 over Alejandro Garcia

Bout 6: Jesse Juarez vs. Joe Williams

Bout 7: Mike Richman vs. Akop Stepanyan

Official decision: Mike Richman wins by KO at 4:05 in round 1 over Akop Stepanyan

Bout 8: Mike Bronzoulis vs. Joe Riggs (“Fight Master” tourney final)

Round 1: Both men in the center, Riggs landing the better strikes, Bronzoulis lands nice leg kicks. Riggs turns it up, coming forward. Bronzoulis lands another leg kick. Bronzoulis misses with a  head kick, lands a kick to the body. Riggs uses an outside trip to get Riggs down. Riggs takes Bronzoulis’ back, looks for a choke, Bronzouulis defending well. Bronzoulis gets to his feet, Riggs landing nice strikes.

Round 2: Riggs drags Bronzoulis down tot he canvas again. Riggs is bleeding, pushes Bronzoulis against the cage. Bronzoulis lands a kick tot he body. Bronzoulis lands a nice knee to the body, Riggs scores a takedown. Riggs takes Bronzoulis’ back, Bronzoulis has no answers. Bronzoulis tries to get out, Riggs stays close, glued on Riggs’ back. Bronzoulis gets on top. Riggs goes fr a submission, doesn’t get it.

Round 3: Riggs stays inc enter, throws some leather. Riggs in Bronzoulis’ guard, a very one sided round once again. Riggs is on Bronzoulis’ back, works for a choke. Bronzoulis’ could not do anything, Riggs absolutely dominates, drags Bronzoulis down.  Riggs lands some ground and pound. Bronzoulis gets a sweep. they are separated.

Official decision: Joe Riggs wins by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) over Mike Bronzoulis to become the first “Fight Master” champion

Bout 9: Pat Curran vs. Daniel Straus  (for featherweight title)

Official decision: Daniel Straus gets a takedown, Curran quickly works up, breaks loose. Curran int eh center, Straus works the jab. Straus lands a left hand, Straus take shot to groin, gets right back to work after very short break. Straus closes distance, putting Curran against the cage, lets go, lands a left hand. Curran lands two nice kicks. Straus goes for another takedown, Curran sprawls, Curran working his way up the cage. Straus on Curran’s back, comes around, pinning Curran against cage. Straus eats some shots off the break. Straus lands a right kick, they high five.

Round 2: They tap gloves, Straus in the center, Curran sprawls on a takedown. Straus does not finish the takedown, Curran on his feet. Curran lands a nice right, snaps Straus’ head back. Curran lands a left hand, Straus counters with a  right. Curran slips on the canvas, Straus coming forward. Straus lands a nice leg kick. Straus lands a inside kick. Straus eats an uppercut, Straus lands a left counter.

Round 3: Currna lands a jab, Straus slips on the canvas. Straus lands a jab, another. Straus goes up top and then to the body, shoots for takedown. Curran defending very well. Straus lands a foot stomp, tries to trip Curran. Curran lands a knee,Straus goes for throw, Curran hits the fence and now Curran looks for a takedown of his own. Straus is down and Curran lands a knee to a grounded opponent. Curran knows he made a mistake. Straus comes to, signals to continue. Straus scores a takedown, moves to side control. Currna scrambles as Straus throws elbows. Straus lands in Curran’s guard.

Round 4: Currna lands a nice right hand, Straus counters. Straus looks to throw Curran, instead pins Curran against the cage. Straus is on Curran’s back, on their feet. Straus gets a takedown. Straus lands some knees to the thighs as Curran works to his feet. Straus returns Curran to the cage, Curran looks for a guillotine, Straus passes to side control. Curran get full guard, goes for guillotine. Straus gets out, Ctraus lands some short elbows, a hammer fist to the body.

Round 5: The tap gloves, Straus lands a solid combination. Straus lands a shot to the body, lands another good job. Straus lands a flying knee, another knee and a left hand. Straus lands a counter left, hurts Curran, Straus throws some leather. Straus puts Curran against the cage. Straus lands a knee, lands a shot to the body, Straus lands an upper cut. Curran puts Straus against the cage, Curran trips Straus, Straus gets on top, Straus lands a left hand.

Official decision: Daniel Straus wins by unanimous decision (49-45, 48-46, 48-46) over Pat Curran to become the NEW Bellator featherweight champion.

Co-main event: Muhammed Lawal vs. Emanuel Newton (for interim light heavyweight title)

Round 1: Newton keeps faking, switches stances, working jab. King Mo shoots, Newton gets warned about grabbing the fence. Newton gets taken down, Lawal lands a left hand. Newton works up to his feet, Newton gets taken down again. Newton continues to working up, Mo takes a shot to the nuts. Lawal goes back to work scores a double leg takdeown. Lawal working to his feet, Lawal pressuring Newton, trying to keep him down.

Round 2: Lawla lands a jab, Newton counters with a  left kick. Lawal lands a left hand. Newton throws spinning back kick, misses. Lawal shoots for takedown, Newton trying to defend. Lawal gets the takedown, King Mo trying to flatten Newton down. newton gets to has  feet, lands a head kick. Lawal gets clipped, goes for takedown, Newton attacks. Newton misses another spinning back kick, misses. Newton throws another leg kick, Lawal blocks. Lawal comes forward. Newton lands a jab, a right hand next.

Round 3: Both men trade some strikes, Newton misses with spinning back kick, does not land. Lawal lands a shot to the body, Newton misses with a spinning back kick again. Newton continues to land kicks as Lawal comes forward. Lawal lands a left to the body. Newton lands spinning back kick tot he body to counter punches from Lawal. Both em exchange left hands. Lawal reaches for Newton, Newton throws a right. Lawal goes for takedown, newton defends. Newton lands a right hand.

Round 4: Newton misses the spinning back kick again, but continues to throw it. Newton lands a spinning back kick to body. Lawal lands a right hand, Lawal slips Newton’s head kick.  newton throws another spinning back kick, Lawal blocks. Lawal goes for a takedown, newton defends, Lawal shoots again, Newton throws a left, Lawal backs off. Lawal gets a takedown, newton gets up. Newton throws a spinning back fist, Lawal shoots. Newton stuffs it.

Round 5: Newton lands a jab, followed by a  leg kick. Newton misses on the overhand right. Newton throws a spinning back kick, Lawal ducks and gets behind Lawal. Lawal gets a takedown, Newton gets back up to his feet, newton separates, shoots for a takedown.

Official decision: Emmanuel Newton wins unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46) over Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal

Main event: Michael Chandler vs. Eddie Alvarez (for lightweight title)

Round 1: they rush out, Chandler in the center, Alvarez lands a nice right hand. Chandler lands kick to body, Alvarez shoots for takedown. Chandler still in the center, Chandler can’t land on Alvarez. Chandler lands a right hand, Chandler bleeding. Chandler lands a right kick to body, Chandler slips, counters with a right uppercut. Chandler misses with the lead left hook. Alvarez lands a leg kick, Chandler catches it and takes Alvarez down. Alvarez goes for a rear-naked choke, Alvarez escapes and gets to his feet. Chandler stuffs takedown from Alvarez.

Round 2: Chandler eats a right from Alvarez, Chandler lands a left jab, Chandler still in the center. Chandler’s left eye still bleeding, Alvarez lands a right hand as he comes forward. Alvarez lands a left hand, on the outside. Chandler tries for a takedown, Alvarez defends. Chandler takes the fight to the ground, Alvarez works up, Chandler returns Alvarez tot he canvas. Alvarez working his way up the cage. Alvaerez gets taken back down, the crowd begins to boo. Alvarez works to his feet, gets space. Alvarez lands on Chandler, wobbles Chandler. Chandler looks for takedown and get it.

Round 3: Chandler land a leg kick as Alvarez lands a kick to the head. Chandler goes for another takedown, stuffed by Chandler. Chandler keeps working  for takedowns, Alvarez defending well. Chandler gets Alvarez against the cage, Alvarez gets space. Alvarez lands a right hand, Chandler bleeding from his nose. Alvarez gets behind Chandler, Chandler lands a uppercut, followed by a  left hook. Chandler lands a shot to the body, Chandler lands a left hand. Chandler gets behind Alvarez, takes the back. Chandler puts his feet down, pressures Alvarez against the cage. Chandler scores the takedown. Alvarez lands an elbow to the ribs, Chandler lands right and left punches from top position.

Round 4: Chandler’s eye is closed almost shut, Chandler lands, Alvarez counters. Chandler lands a flying knee, Chandler scores a takedown. Chandler is in Alvarez’s guard, rains down some big right hands. Alvarez is bleeding badly by his left eye, Chandler landing some nice ground and pound. Chandler continues to land some nice right hands, dominating the fourth round. Chandler keeping Alvarez flat on his back. Chandler lands another right from above, Alvarez has an open guard.

Round 5: Chandler’s left eye almost completely shut, Chandler in the center, Chandler shoots. Alvarez stuffs it. Chandler lands an upper cut. Chandler takes the back, goes for a rear-naked choke. Chandler is cranking it, not under the chin. Alvarez scrambles, on his feet and has Alvarez against the cage. Alvarez lands knees tot he thighs of Chandler. Both men trading, Chandler lands shot to body, Alvarez counters. Alvarez landing some punches, has Chandler against the cage. Alvarez goes for a rear-naked choke, Chandler holds on, Alvarez is in full mount. Chandler goes to the back, goes for a rear-naked choke. Chandler’s face is covered in blood, ends up in the top position. Chandler takes down Alvarez.

Official decision: Michael Chandler wins by unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47) over Eddie Alvarez to retain his Bellator lightweight belt

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