Bellator 74 LIVE updates & results

Bout 1: Kenny Foster vs. Claudio Ledesma

Round 1: Mostly a stand up battle, very close round. Both fighters looked aware and cautious. They both felt eachother out and looking to find the right distance.

Round 2: Both guys meet in center, Ledesma lands a nice leg kick on the outside. Foster lands a solid jab, Ledesma lands another inside leg kick. Ledesma keeps landing the leg kicks. Ledesma lands a solid combination. Ledesma goes for takedown, quickly stuffed by Foster. Ledesma gets better of a short trade. Foster takes another leg kick. Foster lands nice counter left off a leg kick from ledesma, Ledesma lands a solid double jab. Foster lands nice left cross

Round 3: Ledesma lands big right cross, Foster keeps coming forward. Foster lands a solid combination, Foster answers back. Ledesma lands nice lead left jab. Ledesma lands nicely on a combination, Foster lands big left hand, throws leg kick. Ledesma grabs the leg and gets a takedown. Ledesma sits in Foster’s guard. Ledesma works to move to half guard. Foster trying to work up, Ledesma scoops under the left leg of Foster to keep Kenny down.

Official decision: Claudio Ledesma wins by unanimous decision ( 30-27, 30-27, 30-27) over Kenny Foster

Bout 2: Jay Haas vs. Brylan Van Artsdalen

Round 1: Haas lands outsude leg kick, Brylan comes in tight. Haas jumps up for guillotine. Van Arts dalen gets up straight and then slams Haas. Van Artsdalen gets in his own gullotine as Haas takes top position. Van Artsdalen sits back and Haas is forced to tap.

Official outcome: Brylan Van Artsdalen wins by submission (guillotine choke) at 1:03 in round 1 over Jay Haas

Bout 3: Derrick Kennington vs. Phelipe Nover

Round 1: Nover quickly takes the center, Nover throws big overhand right. Kennington gets a takedown, Nover shortly after scores a solid takedown. Nover attacks the leg of Kennington, Kennignton escapes. Nover ends up back in top position. Nover landign some ground and pound from the top. Nover in Kennington’s open guard. Nover moves to half guard. Kennignton sweeps Nover, Nover goes for guillotine and then lets go. Nover sweeps Derrick, Kennignton works to his feet. Nover has Kennington against the cage, trying to get Derrick back down. Nover gets Derrick down, Nover goes for an arm bar. Kennington turns around and gets up. The stay down till the bell.

Round 2: They both walk to the center, Nover gets a takedown, Nover sits in Kennignton’s guard. Nover lands some ground and pound. Kennignton keeps Nover tight, Kennignton has a body triangle, lands an elbow from bottom. Nover stands up, but quickly drops down. Kennignton goes for a triangle, Nover sees it and postures up. Nover land big right from the top. Kennington is cut, Nover pouring it on, Kennington trying to hold on and survive. Nover sinks in a rear naked choke, Kennington is forced to tap.

Official outcome: Phellipe Nover wins by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:20 in round 2 over Derrick Kennignton

Bout 4: Matt McCook vs. Alexandre ‘Popo’ Bezerra

Round 1: Bezerra takes center lands some good strikes. Bezerra gets the takedown. Bezerra gets the back of McCook, squeezes and gets the tap.

Official outcome Alexandre Bezerra wins by submission (rear naked choke) at in round 1 Matt McCook

Bout 5: Michelle Ould vs. Munah Holland

Round 1: Ould misses with the jab early, Holland goes for the clinch. Ould has Holland against the cage, Ould gets Holland down. Ould landing some ground and pound. Ould landing some more and more ground and pound. Ould laying down some ground and pound.

Round 2: Ould works for takedown quickly. Ould gets to work early, laying down some big ground and pound. Holland has Ould  in a closed guard. Ould laying down some big strikes from the top. Holland taking a beating from bottom. Ould goes to body and then back to the face of Holland. Holland taking more and more punishment.

Round 3: Holland comes forward, knows she needs to finish. Holland lands nice right cross, Holland lands big left hand. Holland lands another big right hand. Holland turning it on, Holland lands nice right hook as Ould comes in. Ould gets takedown, Ould just lands down some huge ground and pound.

Official decision: Michelle Ould wins by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) over Munah Holland

Bout 6: Casey Johnson vs. Will Martinez

Round 1: MArtinez lands jab, Johnson misses with right cross. Martinez lands a nice leg kick. Johnson lands overhand right, followed by jab. Martinez catches a kick and takes down Johnson. Martinez takes the back og Johnson, using some ground and pound. Martinez goes for rear naked choke,  Johnson taps.

Official outcome: Will Martinez wins by submission ( rear naked choke) in round 1 over Casey Johnson

Bout 7: Jordan Smith vs. Andrey “Sparten” Koreshkov

Round 1: They tap gloves, Smith lands jab. Koreshkov lands big left hand, followed by knee. Koreshkov lands big spinning back kick.Koreshkov stuffs the takedown. Both guys trade, koreshkov gets bette rof it. Smith land nice leg kick, then a knee to the body. Smith drops for guillotine choke, Koreshkov spins. Smith gets another guillotine choke, Koreshkov pulls out. Smith lands nice up kick. Koreshkov lands some nice strikes from top.

Round 2: They tap gloves, Smith gets Koreshkov down, takes Smith’s back. Smith stays on the back, keeps landing shots. Smith goes for rear naked choke, Koreshkov fights it off. Koreshkov spins otu and winds up on top. Koreshkov gets up and lands some nice shots from top. Koreshkov wind sup on top at the end of rounf two.

Round 3: They tap gloves, Koreshkov lands nice kick, Smith misses with body kick. Koreshkov fighting for takedown, Koreshkov fights it off. Koreshkov lands nice overhand right. Koreshkov throws, Smith shoots as oreshkov wizards. They get back to their feet, Smith misses with the jab. Smith throws hea dkick, blocked by Koeshkov. Koreshkob lands right hand. Smith eats a right hand as he throws a left hook. Smith blocks head kick from Koreshkov. Koreshkov gets takedown.

Official outcome: Andrey Koreshkov wins by unanimous decision  (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) over Jordan Smith

Bout 8: Tim Welch vs. Michael Tsarev

Round 1: Welch lands nice knee, Tsarev has Welch against the cage. Welch gets off, trying to back Tsarev up. Welch gets Tsarev against the cage, Tsarev scored a takedown. Tsarev gets a tight guillotine choke, Welch trying to survive. Welch slips out and survives. Tsarev throws up kick as Welch’s knees are both down. They take a break. They get back to work, Tsarev throws head kick, blocked by Welch. Welch throws flying knee, Tsarev gets close to Welch and scores a takedown. Tsarev goes for another guillotine choke, Welch rolls over the top and escapes. Tsarev switches to triangle.

Round 2: Welch lands jab, Welch puts Tsarev against the cage. Welh lets Tsarev up, Tsarev gets Welch down, goes to his guard. Welch wants Tsarev on his feet. Tsarev throws head kick, blocked by Welch. Tsarev gets back in guard, this tiem takes back and gets a rear naked choke. Welch taps.

Official outcome: Michael Tsarev wins by submission ( rear naked chokes) in round 2 over Tim Welch

Co-main event: Marius Zaromskis vs. Nordine Taleb

Round 1: They tap gloves, Taleb lands left jab. Taleb throws head kick, Zaromskis blocks it. Zaromskis lands spinning back fist, Talkeb gets rocked. Zaromskis attacks from top. Taleb gets to his feet. Taleb lands a knee. Taleb lands nice jab throw Zaromskis off balance on the head kick. Taleb, Zaromskis blocks again. Telb misses with upper cut. Taleb lands teap kick. Zaromsksi goes for takedown, Taleb defends. Taleb lands another jab on Zaromskis. Taleb si against the cage.

Round 2: Taleb blocks the body kick, Zaromskis lands a nice combination. Taleb throws flying knee, doesn’t land. Taleb goes for takedown. Zaromskis gets Taleb against the cage, Zaroskins lands two right punches. Zaromskis gets Taleb down, Taleb quickly gets to his feet. Zarmskis gets Taleb against cage. They break free and circling.

Round 3: Taleb denies the takedown early. Taleb looks a little batter, lands some nice strikes. Zaromskis clinches up goes for back and takes down Taleb. Zaromskis is in side control, they get stood up. Zaromskis lands nice leg kick, Taleb grabs Zaromskis and gets him down. Zaromskis gets up and has Taleb against the cage.

Official decision: Marius Zaromskis wins by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) over Nordine Taleb


Main Event: Jim Wallhead vs. Lymann Good

Round 1: Good goes to body early, landing big hooks on the side of Wallhead. Lymann throws combination, Wallhead does decant job of blocking. Good lands nice knee to the body. Wallhead lands a nice right on the trade. Good gets Wallhead against the cage . Good doesn’t do much when having Wallhead against the cage. Wallhead has a cut above his left eye.

Round 2: Good lands three nice jab s to start the round, Good lands a nice inside leg kick. Good lands ncie combination and puts Wallhead against cage. Wallhead creates distance, Wallhead land knee to the body of Good, Good lets Wallhead against the cage, lands some nice punches. Wallhead moves forward , both guys land jabs. Good lands nice combination by going to the head and then a leg kick. Good lands a solid jab, Wallhead lands nice counter lead left hook.

Round 3: Good lands two nice leg kicks, Wallhead throws a one two combination, but does not land clean. Lymann lets his hands go and lands viciously. Good still landing some nice shots. Good has Wallhead against the cage. Lymann giving it all he’s got left. With three seconds left, Wallhead takes a groin shot. They tap gloves and the fight is over.

Official decision: Lymann Good wins by unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27) over Jim Wallhead

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