Bellator 96 LIVE results at 6:00 p.m. ET

Bellator 96

Main Event: Muhammed Lawal vs. Seth Petruzelli

Round 1: Petruzelli lands a spinning leg kick early, Lawal goes for takedown. Petruzelli sprawls and takes a head but. They take a break and go right back to action. Petruzelli misses with head kick. Lawal catches kick from Petruzelli. Lawal lands some big shots on Petruzelli. Lawal stands and lands a big hammer fists on Petruzelli that puts him right to sleep.

Official decision: Muhammed Lawal wins by KO at 1:35 in round 1 over Seth Petruzelli

Co-main event: Jacob Noe  vs. Renato Sobral

Round 1: Sobral takes the center of the cage, Noe on outside. Noe comes forward, forcing Sobral to go back. Sobral goes for takedown, Noe turns and defends. Noe falls from a leg kick, but quickly gets to his feet. Noe lands two nice left hands. Sobral lands a leg kick, Sobral goes for takedown. Noe defends again, Noe doing a good job o getting out of Sobral’s way. Sobral pins Noe against cage. Noe reverses and puts Sobral on the cage. Noe lands a nice right cross on the counter. Sobral throws head kick, blocked by Noe.  Noe takes a leg kick fro Sobral.

Round 2: Noe lands a left on the counter. Sobal lands a nice knee, Noe lest his hands go. Noe puts Sobral against the cage. Sobral lands some nice left jabs. Noe starts landing some nice jabs. Noe lands a big let hook that rocks Sobral. Noe lands a knee, Sobral lands a solid left jab. Sobral landing more and more leg kicks, Noe’s leg is starting to show punishment. Both guys throwing leather,

Round 3: Noe lands a nice one two combination, Sobral lands a leg kick. Sobral goes for a takedown, Sobral takes some jab s to the face. Sobral going for another takedown, Noe trying to sprawl. They go to the center of the cage, Noe lands a big let hook, Sobral bleeding badly. Noe starts to hurt Sobral. Sobral backing up, Noe walking Sobral down. The referee stops the fight after Sobral kept moving away.

Official decision: Jacob Noe wins by TKO at 3:32 in round 3 over Renato Sobral- controverisial

Renato “Babalu” Sobral retires after Bellator 96 lost to Jacob Noe

Bout 11: Vitaly Minakov vs. Ron Sparks

Round 1: Both men trade shots here and there, Minakov takes his time. Minakov lands a big right hand that drops Spark and attacks Sparks and gets the ground and pound finish.

Official decision: Vitaly Minakov wins by KO at 0:32 in round 1 over Ron Sparks

Bout 10: Blas Avena vs. War Machine

Round 1:War Machine takes center, comes forward. Avena on the outside, Avena scores a quick takedown. War Machine goes for sweep, doesn’t get it. War Machine gets to his feet. War Machine scores a takedown, in Avena’s half guard. Avena is able to get War Machine in his guard. Avena gets to his feet, eats a couple right hands in the process. Avena gets War Machine against the cage. War Machine scores a trip takedown, lays i n Avena’s half guard. War Machine moves to side control. War Machine continues to reign down left hands and the referee stops the fight.

Official decision: War Machine wins by TKO a 3:55t in round 1 over Blas Avena

Bout 9: Rich Hale  vs. Ryan Martinez

Official decision: Ryan Martinez wins by TKO at 2:19 in round 1 over Rich Hale

Bout 8: Steven Artoff vs. Justin McNally

Official decision: Justin McNally wins by submission (triangle choke) at 2:44 in round 1 over Steven Artoff

Bout 7: Derek Campos vs. Brandon Girtz

Official decision: Derek Campos wins by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) over Brandon Girtz

Bout 6: Brandon Halsey vs. Joe Yager

Official decision:  Brandon Halsey def. Joe Yager by split decision (30-28, 28-30, 30-28)

Bout 5: Raphael Butler vs. Jeremiah O’Neal

Official decision: Jeremiah O’Neal wins by TKO at 2:57 in round 1 over Raphael Butler

Bout 4: Damon Jackson vs. Keith Miner

Official decision: Damon Jackson wins by TKO at in round 1 over Keith Miner

Bout 3: Mike Maldonado vs. Chavous Smith

Bout 2: Keith Berry vs. Cortez Coleman

Bout 1: Jarrod Card vs. Chas Skelly

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