Matt Schnell, hungry for sucsess

by Connor ~ January 29th, 2012
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MTV’s new hit show “Caged” is a show that goes into the lives of three amateur fighters from Minden, Louisiana. You see how they train, how they fight, and how they overcome obstacles in their everyday life. Every episode the viewers can learn more about each fighter’s life and then are able to watch them fight at the end of the episode. The most successful fighter on the show this far has been Matt “Danger” Schnell. Matt has a record of two wins and no losses on the show so far. This Friday I was able to talk to Matt and find out how he has gotten to this level, what has motivated him, and where does he want to go with his career from here.

Matt Danger Schnell competed in high school wrestling in Florida. Matt said that he moved from Florida to Louisiana. His new high school in Louisiana did not have a wrestling team and his wrestling career was ended because of that. After he graduated he mentioned he did not have anything to do. “I just started fighting and training and loved it (MMA) from the moment I started and just kept doing it since then.” Coming off a high point in his career with two wins and no losses on”Caged” Matt said that there is not any added pressure. “I love fighting in front of people, I love showcasing my skills, it is always an awesome thing to fight and I always love fight night.” It is clear that Matt is just focused on that it is up to him if he is successful or not. It does not matter on the people watching and criticizing, but it is about how he performs every time that cage door closes and is standing across from his opponent.

Competing is almost a drug to Matt. He said “I love to compete, I want to compete at the highest level of this sport, that is my motivation. I want to be the best I possibly can.” Matt also added that his ultimate motivation and goal is to get into the UFC one day.  On fight day Matt said he likes to keep to himself. Before his fight, he likes to say his prayers and have ten to fifteen minutes to himself to reflect and prepare mentally. Matt said that his next fight on the show was his toughest fight of his career by far. He said his opponent was the most skilled out of all the others and that he had to train and prepare very intensely to fight his best. “I believe he was actually ranked higher than me on some people’s list” mentioned Matt when talking about his opponent on the upcoming episode.

I asked Matt about his future and what he wanted to accomplish in this next year. He quickly answered “I would like to have three to four fights in this next year, that is my only prerogative at this point.” He added that his ultimate goal is to one day fight for the UFC. Matt said “It is a blessing that I am capable of fighting. I honestly don’t know what I would do if I didn’t.” it is obvious Matt has a love for this sport and does whatever it takes to make it to the top.

Being so successful this far with an impressive record and being a TV star, it is hard to believe that someone has more goals. That is Matt Schnell, that is what motivates him, never to settle, but to always become better and perform at a higher level than his last fight. He doesn’t care if he is fighting at home, or away, if he is hated or liked. His goal is to go out and perform to his best ability every time that bell rings and the fight begins. We do not know what will happen with Matt “Danger” Schnell’s career or if he will make it to the UFC. What we do know is he is motivated, skilled, and knows that he is capable of doing so. The saying goes “If you believe you can achieve.” That is what Matt “Danger” Schnell is about. He has set a goal and now he must go through hell and back to achieve it.

By Connor Northrup

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2 Responses to “Matt Schnell, hungry for sucsess”

  1. Andrea says:

    Yes, Danger is among one of the most successful fighters on the show but yall are forgetting about Tony:”prime time” Kelley. I think he needs a little recognition as well because he is a very serious competitor and is every bit as good as Danger is.

    this is coming from a very close friend and team mate of theirs.

    Thank You

    • Connor says:

      Thank you for the comment Andrea, I will deffenitley keep that in mind. I will add him next time he is on “Caged” when I do my weekly “Caged” review.
      -Connor Northrup

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