MTV’s “Caged” season finale review

by Connor ~ March 13th, 2012
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Well last night concluded the first season of MTV’s “Caged.” It seems like just yesterday the first episode was airing and we were meeting these unknown names and eager to learn more about them. Last night’s episode was nothing short of excellent.  Punishment Inc. and MMA Legend Tito Ortiz came to the fights looking for the next best thing to bring to Huntington Beach, California for three months to train and be a part of the Punishment team. As the show went on you were able to hear the thoughts of the guys and understand how excited and grateful they were for this opportunity. Tony Kelley dominated his opponent all three rounds, earning himself a unanimous decision victory, the first victory for Karate Mafia that evening. Tony also defended his title and remained the champion. Daniel did not have the same success as his teammate. Daniel fought hard all three rounds. His opponent scored takedowns and controlled the fight on the ground, which lead to Daniel’s loss. Daniel showed good sportsmanship and it didn’t sound like he was giving up anytime soon. We should see him back stronger, more improved, and better than ever next time he steps into the cage. Wes turned himself around and started to focus more and more on his training and dedication to MMA. It paid off when he dominated the first round of his fight and in the second was able to earn a victory via submission. The last fight of the night was Matt who was taking on a flyweight who looked like he came out of a comic book. His opponent was jacked, lean and mean but that did not stop Matt. Matt was able to secure in the submission, earning him the victory. Christian gave a speech on how honored he was to coach each and every fighter. Tony and Matt both defended their titles but also got invited to the hotel room of Tito Ortiz. At the hotel room Ortiz offered them the opportunity they both have been working for a very long time. They were invited to move to California for three months and train as Team Punishment fighters. Tito expressed that the ultimate goal was to train and become the best in the world. With the talent we have seen from Tony and Matt, it is almost obvious they have what it takes to make it to the peak of the sport. It was a very enjoyable show to watch over the last few months. I had the pleasure to meet Matt and Daniel as well, I was honored to meet them and to see how down to earth they really are. Best of luck to all the fighters and coaches on the show, and I will keep the fans updated on anything MTV’s “Caged” related.


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