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Many Fighters wait their entire careers for big opportunities, sometimes they never reach them either. These opportunities can vary whether it’s an upscale fight, a title fight, or a training opportunity, anything that could be beneficial to the career of that fighter. Sometimes these chances come very short, with few days to prep and train. It is often that these opportunities do not give fighters any other choice, but to take it.

Lucas Pimenta Borges is a Brazilian fighter who holds a perfect record (8-0). Pimenta trains right here in New Jersey at the fairly new gym, MMA University and also Gold’s team in Newark, New Jersey. Although the school is new, Pimenta has been at this game since he was the age of thirteen. He has been practicing boxing all his life, but originally in his home country of Brazil. Pimenta then founded jiu-jitsu at the age of fourteen and started to train with Marcio Bittencourt. After that he stayed with Bittencourt till today, but also added some other coaches “I trained with Luiz Azeredo when he was teaching at Gold’s Team in Newark. Chris the owner of MMAU introduced me to my boxing coach Heron DeDios and my S&C coach Angelo Todaro.” Pimenta has been training all his life and even when he is not training for a fight, he is training when he teaches jiu-jitsu.

Next weekend on September 14th, Legacy Fighting Championships welterweight champion Jorge Patino was set to fight Jeff Rexroad. Patino injured his knee and was forced out of the bout, leaving an opening for one fighter to achieve a dream. Luckily it was Pimenta who received the call “I’m very grateful and excited that I will be the main event on this card. Nine days’ notice isn’t the best situation, but overall it’s an opportunity that I can’t pass up and four of my other wins were taken on one weeks’ notice or less.” Pimenta is a fighter who is always in shape and told that he was just 182 lbs. as of yesterday and will fight at welterweight. Pimenta was supposed to fight on an earlier date, but was forced out due to a knee injury of his own. He confirmed that it was not originally as bad as he thought, and he will be ready to fight for the interim title.

Standing across from Lucas Pimenta will be Jeff Rexroad (8-1) who was originally set to fight the current champ. Rexroad is a solid fighter who could give problems to Pimenta, but Lucas knows he is the better fighter. “I watched some videos on him. “He is good standing and on the ground, but I feel that I’m better at everything he is good at” said Pimenta when talking about his opponent. Pimenta will be going for the finish and told “I predict a win, but I can’t predict a KO or submission because I can end it either way. What I can say is that I will be fighting to finish him.” A solid statement that shows what Pimenta will try to accomplish to secure the number one contender spot.

Many fighters dream to fight for a title in a major organization. Maybe this is not the way Pimenta wanted it, or the title he wanted, but if victorious he will get a shot at the ultimate goal. Pimenta is focused and knows what he needs to do. He has the coaches and the training partners to prepare him for Rexroad. He trains all the time and rarely takes off. Fighting for Pimenta is a way of life and a passion. Come Saturday on September 14, 2012, Lucas Pimenta will be going to prove one thing. “I want to prove that I’m the best fighter at 170lbs.”

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