Q & A with Maverick MMA 1’s Steve Jones

Steve Jones (right) talks to interviewer after his World Cagefighting Championships 19 bout Dec. 2, 2016. (Photo Credit: WCC)


Featherweight Steve Jones (1-2 MMA, 0-0 MMMA) will look to earn his second straight victory when he faces Ricky Nuno (2-4 MMA, 0-0 MMMA) at Maverick MMA 1 in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania this Friday, April 7, 2017. NJ MMA News spoke with Jones about his approach to fight week, his opponent and his mindset.


Q: As the fight approaches, what is fight week like for you?

Jones: The week is great, I feel great, I look great and I spend most of the week just spending time with the people who support me. It’s pretty much rehearsal during my practices.


Q: Is there anything specific you do before the fight, a ritual?

Jones: Nothing I really do before a fight, just ready to fight and go back home.


Q: What is your opinion of Nuno?

Jones: Ricky Nuno, he’s cool, didn’t meet him yet.


Q: How do you stack up against Nuno?

Jones: I train with the best fighters around, the best in boxing, the best in wrestling and jiu-jitsu, so I’m prepared.


Q: Where are you currently training out of?

Jones: I train out PF New Castle PA Wrecking Crew and Jack Maine Boxing.


Q: In your last fight, you earned your first professional win, what did you learn about yourself that fight?

Jones: My last fight, I just worked on the simple mistakes I was making. I went with it into the fight, the only person that can beat me is myself and I got in the gym, stayed consistent, did the extra work and it ended up in my way.


Q: Did you do anything different that camp? If so, did you bring it into this camp?

Jones: There really wasn’t a camp. I been competing in jiu-jitsu and training 5-6 days a week for the last year. I was prepared to fight when I signed the contract.


Q: So are you taking that same approach this fight?

Jones: Yea, I’m very confident this guy is training to stop my style. I’m better than he is.


Anything going differently in this camp?

Jones: Just go out there and give 100 percent.


By NJ MMA News Staff

Writing for NJ MMA New since 2011, Connor is passionate about covering local mixed martial arts. He graduated from Temple University’s School of Media and Communications with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. His love for MMA stems from his past as a high school wrestler and jiu-jitsu blue belt. Former UFC fighter Kurt Pellegrino coached Connor in his senior year of high school. He worked as a Rally Sports Desk report for The Philadelphia Inquirer and interned as a sports reporter for the Philadelphia Daily News.