A fighter’s path: George Sullivan


George “The Silencer” Sullivan has been the Cage Fury Fighting Championships welterweight champion for over two years. Sullivan has accomplished that through hard work, determination, and most importantly, support from his team, family, and friends.

NJ MMA News has been following the welterweight prospect ever since his last defeat, which was a decision lost to Elijah Harshbarger at Ring of Combat 35. Since then, NJ MMA News has had the pleasure of watching the Pellegrino Mixed Martial Arts Academy fighter win his next six fights, earning a title that he has defended four times which is a CFFC record. NJ MMA news has been a sponsor for George for his last four title defenses.

Ever since Sullivan won the CFFC belt, he has been making changes in his game. “The Silencer” has showcased a great improvement in his wrestling and has even made his already outstanding stand-up game, even better. Sullivan has made all the improvements to stay at the top of the regional level with the hopes of making it to the highest level of the sport such as Bellator or UFC.

One of the hardest things with fighting is the dreadful weight cut. Like all fighters, Sullivan puts himself through hell to make his weight class, but does so in a professional and patient manner. Although the CFFC welterweight champion is cutting the physical weight, his training partners, friends, and fiancé all help him get to his goal weight.

Back in August of 2012, Sullivan came on NJ MMA News Radio and discussed his weight cut. His first title defense against Tenyeh Dixon, Sullivan started his fight camp at 205 lbs. The camp was long and grueling, but Sullivan was able to get close to his goal weight. Sullivan cut the remaining weight off with a “water diet,” which is common for many fighters. “On Monday I will drink three gallons of water, on Tuesday I will drink two gallons and on Wednesday I will drink one gallon,” Sullivan said. Meaning that on Thursday he would try to cut the remaining weight off and on Friday, lose what was ever left, if any. The week of his fight, George was asked how he felt before the fight on our radio show, his answer “I feel better than I have ever before!”

While training to be the best fighter he can possibly be and cutting weight, Sullivan also balances a full time job. His job is no easy task even without balancing the job of being a professional fighter. “I have been employed at Zackson’s Furniture for thirteen years and have steadily risen with the company to currently hold the position of assistant manager,” Sullivan said. “I also have a separate business where I sell and repair high-end furniture.” Sullivan has proven that he can balance being a successful employee and professional fighter. It is safe to say that Sullivan is a professional both inside and outside the cage.

Besides being a fighter, a friend, and a soon to be husband, Sullivan is a son to Janet Sullivan. “She and I credit MMA, and my trainers for inspiring me to achieve my goals,” Sullivan said. As a child, Sullivan was bullied and has had his up and downs, but he has turned all that into something positive and used it as fuel in his career. Sullivan’s mother supports her son and attends most of his fights.

On February 8, 2014, Sullivan will continue his journey to becoming an elite mixed martial artist as he will return to the CFFC cage to defend his belt for the fifth consecutive time. Although Sullivan has endured intensive training, grueling weight cuts, and been in many professional fights, his heart, mindset, and values have always remained the same. Sullivan is adamant about being the best fighter and person he could possibly be and is very grateful for all of his supporters. NJ MMA News is fully behind Sullivan as we believe he is one of the most gifted, determined and humble athletes in New Jersey and he deserves to achieve all that is available in both life and professional fighting.

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