All the privileges Harry and Meghan had to give up

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could not have chosen a worse time to separate from the British royal family, formalizing a complex divorce, which in its unfolding proved to be more onerous than expected . Together with their royal titles, the couple lost several privileges. Nine, in total . Meghan and Harry will no longer be able to take advantage of the “Royal” appellation, which led to the two having to close their Instagram account, by suddenly changing their name to the charity are headed.


Harry and Meghan, who have lost the charm of being real at the worst possible time

No more social , therefore. No more «Royal Heights». Harry and Meghan, once they had resigned from the British royal family, decided to live like ordinary people. Independent people who know how to look after themselves. Also and above all from an economic point of view. The Sussex, who unlike William and Kate are no longer among the senior members of the crown, have lost the right to receive the Sovereign Grant , the tax that the British government pays to the his monarchy. Furthermore, they are no longer entitled to an escort financed by the crown or to a press office. Come on paparazzi , they will have to learn to protect themselves and, with their own activities, they will have to cover (also) the costs incurred by the English monarchy to renovate Frogmore Cottage.

In total, Harry and Meghan, for whose new charitable activity 81% of the English population said they have no interest, owe the British State the consideration $ 3 million. An important figure, the seal of a lifestyle that will not be easy to maintain.


Harry and Meghan, the name of the new Foundation (“in the worst possible moment”)

Although Prince Charles has pledged to use his own funds to support his son who fled to America, Harry will have a great deal of work to keep up with his and his wife's needs. Who, with the divorce from the Queen, has also renounced wearing his jewels. Meghan, who, like Harry, will no longer have any official travel to participate in, has lost the right on the precious items of Elizabeth II, whose gems and stones can instead be worn by her sister-in-law Kate Middleton.


Queen Elizabeth's speech: «United we will do it, we will meet again»

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