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At one time Greg Soto and George Sullivan were once teammates at Pellegrino Mixed Martial Arts Academy. Times have changed as Soto left the team and him and Sullivan became bitter rivals. This bout was Soto’s first defense of the CFFC title. Soto made it clear as he and Sullivan met in the center that he did not want to tap gloves. Soto was working for takedowns very early in the fight. Sullivan had a great takedown defense. Sullivan was working a lot with the head coach of Brick Memorial wrestling Dan O’Cone on his takedown defense in this camp. At one point it was Sullivan who went for the takedown. That was when Soto broke free and Sullivan connected with the chin of Soto that put him down. Sullivan pounced on top and the referee quickly stopped the bout. George Sullivan screamed and flexed as he ran around the cage, later he was embraced by his head coach Kurt Pellegrino who once cornered Soto in many of his fights. Sullivan carried the Pellegrino flag proudly around the cage as he knew he had become the new CFFC welterweight champion.  Sullivan moved his record to 10-3 and now is on a two fight win streak. Soto moves his record down to 9-3 as a professional. Tough break for Soto, but I am sure he will be back. It will be exciting to see Sullivan in his next bout, after seeing how much he improved and trained for this bout.

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