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This week on “The Ultimate Fighter Brasil” Anistavio “Gasparzinho” Medeiros continues to stir up the house by playing pranks in the middle of the night, team Wanderlei becomes very upset and tell Vitor the next day that Medeiros needs to stop. Vitor tell his team that Rodrgio Damm will fight for them next. Damm is not happy because Vitor would not tell Rodrigo who he will be fighting.  The next day Vitor announces that Rodrigo Damm will face team Wanderlei’s John “Macapa” Teixeira. Rodrigo talks about his life and how he is doing this for his wife and kids. Teixeira talks about how he lives in a  poor part of Brasil and he is fighting for his mother and girlfriend. In the fight both men fight hard. They go into a sudden victory round. Rodrigo creeps by a hair and gets the victory. This victory puts team Belfort up 3-0. Team Wanderlei is left once again very disappointed.

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